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Office Removals

Leadx Removals is a fully insured office removal company. We offer office removals in Brighton and the nearby areas including Seaford, Hove, Lewes, Lancing, and more. Beside, our services are available across the United Kingdom and regardless of where you want relocate your office, we can always help you. From the time we started our operations, we have helped thousands of clients including homeowners, business people, government agencies, and non-government agencies to relocate their offices effectively.

Once you contact us for office removal services, you will receive an immediate response from our client support team. The team comprises of highly trained and experienced individuals. These individuals are friendly and caring. Thus, you can be sure that someone will guide you effectively. We will then send a team to inspect your office and get detailed requirements about the removal process. Such profound procedures help us to provide the most reliable office removals in Brighton.

After the office survey, the project is assigned to a highly qualified project manager. The manager will be supervising a team of professional office removers. These employees are highly trained and have many years of experience in the removal industry. Therefore, regardless the complexity and the scope of your office removal project, you can rest assured that we will provide perfect services. Our services are available at affordable prices. That means you will receive a good quote.

At Leadx Removals, we provide a comprehensive package of office removal services. Right from sorting out and grouping the office items to packing and safely transporting the packed items, our employees will handle your office equipment with great care. During the packing process, our professional office removers first group the office equipment while making sure that the most fragile items are separated from others. We avail special carriers for computers and other delicate office equipment. We also provide polythene dust covers, mattress and sofa covers and other protective equipment.

In case you have bulky office furniture, it will be dismantled carefully (where necessary) and packed. All the packed boxes and bags are labelled clearly to achieve safe and effective loading and offloading. Proper labelling helps our team to know what should be loaded first and offloaded last. With that, you can rest assured that your office items will not be damaged or even lost during the relocation process.

Leadx Removals is an insured company. To offer our customers peace of mind, we have acquired goods on transit insurance cover and the public liability cover. That means any form of damage that may occur to your office items being transported or to a third party will be taken care of by our insurer. Once you acquire our services, you can rest assured that our employees and project co-ordinators will work tirelessly to ensure that your office removal project is a breeze.

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